A New Book and a New Academy: Bitcoin Blockchain, Networks and Political Economy

Introduction: China or Bitconia? Yuan or Bitcoin?

In his important new book, the billionaire Ray Dalio discovered the big cycles of power and wealth in the world in the last 300 to 500 hundred years: From the Dutch Florin in the 18th. century, to the British Sterling in the 19th. Century, to the American Sterling in the 20th. Century.

Then, he sees the possibility that the Chinese Yuan will be center of the power and wealth in the 21st. Century.

But we see two limitations in Dalio forecast, that will constitute the two parts of our book:

1, A narrow historical perspective, that do not include what happen before the rise of the West and of the Capitalism (Nederland, Britain, USA). Our perspective will be wider and include Spain, the Muslim world, China, and the Roman Empire. By this we will enrich Dalio’s analysis, with the perspective of the big historian of 2,000 thousand years of the Mediterranean world Ferdinand Braudel, and the historians of “the world system” like Wallerstein et al.

2, A blindness to the “Black Swan of the 21st. century: The Bitcoin as a post national and a global reserve currency that will replace both the Dollar and the Yuan and the Go(L)d. Even more a new post national entity will emerge from the Bitcoin: BITCONIA as a “Global State”.

Chapter 1, What is Bitcoin, and how to buy it?

1,1 what is Bitcoin


1,2 How and Where to buy Bitcoin


1,3 what is a Bitcoin Wallet


1,4 Binance and Coinbase: What is a Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange?


1,5 What is Crypto


1,6 What is a Blockchain?


1, 7 what is Bitcoin Halving


1,8 what is a global reserve Currency?


1,9 what is Money


1,10 what are Ethereum and Defi


Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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