Bitcoin: a unified Theory of Satoshi, Einstein and Shanon. 15 foundamental laws

1, Social Electro-Magnetism.

15 basic formulas of the forces of the Info–Social power.
Like in the Electro-Magnetic theory, we developed the new Info-Social theory. The Info-social theory argue that when information moves around an entity (Bitcoin, a celebrity, etc’), it make him a social magnet. Conversely, a movement of a social magnet, induces a movement of information (an info-social current) even where no information has been there before.

2, The information force between two networked emtities, I and i (charges of information), is

F = I*i/R². Coulomb Law

3, Ampere law: The rate of flow (P) of the Info — social current (I) is


4, Faraday Law: The Conversion of info-power into social-power, and vice versa.
The movement of information around an object or a person, make him a social magnet, and vice versa

5, Ohm’s Law: The information current through network between the two sources of information, is directly proportional to the potential differences or “information voltage” (V) across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them.


6, The force of an entity is directly proportional to its “social Mass“ (M) and to its “social acceleration“ (a).

F=Ma or F = (Users+Stock)(ai+ac)

ai is the acceleration of information. ac is the acceleration of capital. (My paper from the year 1992)

7, Faster spread of information is a function of the square root of flexibility E (decentralization, the company’s bridging capital) divided by the density D (social cohesion, the company’s linking capital)

V = E / D

8, The 3 forces of The Long Tail of Decentralization

1. The wisdom of the crowd = E = N*N/2 (Metcalf law)

2. Efficient Distribution = D

3. Smart Harmonization of Supply/Demand = V = E / D

9, The transition rate of homogeneous populations of mass-production into a community or a tribe, depend on the number of participants in the wisdom of crowds (N squared / 2), effective methods of distribution (B decentralization, bandwidth, censorship), and information flows between supply and demand, and vice versa.


Tribe, no Bribe

10, McLuhan Law: The intensity of social cohesion in situations of social change, is a function of temperature T (Entropy, organizational dissolution, disintegration of a country, etc.).

M = C*B/T.

McLuhan theory about the relationships between hot / cold media and hot / cold society, is very relevant here. McLuhan “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” (1964).

11, The social energy derived from information, is a function of temperature T, information (to identify and measure) I, and the part of the work W invested in monitoring, measurement, one-way valve (Info — social transistor).

E = T*I/W

12, Eric Schmidt law: the acceleration in bandwidth (Gilder Law), double the acceleration of processing power (Moore’s Law), the computer breaks down the into the cloud, “the computer is the network”.

But in Bitcoin, The decentralization of the cloud computing, creates fog computing. And in fog, FAMGA can’t see the Black Swan of the Bitcoin.

13, Shirky Law: Because of the three previous laws, decentralization makes collaboration costs of consumers in the industry, or of employees in the organization, lower than management costs.

14, Social algotitmics: Deals with “the logic of the ant colony” that works on social networks, flocks of birds, hives of bees, neural networks, and evolution.

A, The “atoms” (ants) of a collective move randomly.

B, Each random track leaves traces (pheromones, scent marks of each ant)

C, Random detection of food is kept by the tracks

D, Sharing the discovery with the rest of the “atoms”. (Premise: There is communication between the “atoms”) with power rating invented. Share on Facebook is a status update, the rating is a number of responses or likes.

E, Relatively rapid evaporation of the tracks, creating optimized solution (a declining function of re-tweets or of responses to status update)

F, Creates collective wisdom from many small contributions. This is the basis for illusions like “the genius”, “the leader”, “ideology”, “conspiracy”, etc’

15, Future Bitcoin Implementations

Social Batteries

Social Electrolysis

Social Laser

Social Lenses


From Einstein theory of mass and energy, Shannon theory of energy and information, to a theory of information and monetary value

C is the velocity of light = 299,792 kilometers per second ≈ 300,000 kps

1) E= Mc² ≈ 90,000,000,000M ≈ 1⁰¹¹M

Energy and Mass according to Einstein

2) Information = I = Ec²

Information and Energy, Conjecture 1.

Thus, I = (Mc²)c² = Mc⁴ ≈ 1⁰²²M

3) Value = V = Ic² = (Mc⁴)c² = Mc⁶ ≈ 1⁰⁴⁴M

Monetary Value and Information, Conjecture 2


Mark Buchanan, 2007, The Social Atom







7. . Building “a social laser” by sociophysical technologies

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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