Bitcoin and the evolution of batteries of energy through space networks

“I don’t need to worry about the stability of the United States and J.P. Morgan to transmit Bitcoin 100 years into the future, you only need to be concerned about the stability of the energy network, which is maintained by the collectively self-interest of the world!” Saylor-Breedlove “book”, chapter 4

1, The networking of the dematerialised economy

From landSpace of the hunters-gatherers and barter, to RiverSpace of the Egyptian and Babylonian farmers and Gold metals, to SeaSpace of the Greek and Roman Gold coins, to OceanSpace of printed money of Europe-USA (Atlantic ocean) and China (Pacific ocean)…to CypherSpace (BITCONIA).

Metcalfe law on the exponentiality of number of links versus the linearity of the number of users, is a mathematical law, but in the physical world it takes different forms: Nick Sabo says the quality of links increases the network power from N ^ 2 to N ^ 4, Hetttinga says a similar thing about the quality of routers. West expands on the degree of the decentralization , and Druker speak about the near Zero P2P costs.

The phase transition from ground to water and GO(L)D (rivers from the Ganges to the Nile, to seas like the Mediterranean, to Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), needs the energy of the hunterers-gatherers civilisation, in order to create the energy of the agricultural civilisation: gravitation, the 1th force

The phase transition from water to air and Dollar (the steam Revolution), needs the energy of agricultural civilisation in order to create the energy of the industrial civilisation. Electro-magnetism, the 2nd force.

The phase transition from air to cypher and Bitcoin (the decentralised-cypherSpace Revolution) needs the energy of the industrial civilisation in order to create the energy of the decentralised civilisation. Networkism, the 5th force.

2, Batteries of energy

Rockefeller set up a global energy network: oil fields that provided fuel energy that replaced energy from whale oil, energy batteries (gas tankers), a gas station network, a user network (Ford was unaware that he was a manufacturer of Rockefeller network endpoints).

Walmart has set up a network of standard energy batteries: standard cardboard boxes of cereal, milk, and so on.

Amazon has turned Walmart’s American battery network into a global network. But then he saw that he had a huge free space on the servers, so he also started selling “information batteries” AWS cloud services.

The refrigerator (General Electric) is a device for extending the life of “food batteries”.

Chocolate bars are standard, long-term batteries of “food energy” of milk in eggs and cocoa. The brand is a “standard stamp”.

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