Bitcoin is immunized by the appearance of other coins and other Blockchains, as we have seen in jump of Bitcoin at 10,000% in the two years following the appearance of the Ethereum (2016–2017). A, the other Blockchains and forks thicken the net and add layers. B, other tokens, create variety of fungi and seeds, which, when they fall, they fertilize the growth of the Bitcoin.

C, the Bitcoin also “steals ideas” from coins and other Blockchain, just as it stole the idea of ​​the Smart Contract from the Ethereum protocol.

From Stamet it follow that Bitcoin has two roles in the global financial ecosystem: waste recycling, and disease vaccination.

Recycling: Bitcoin “disintegrates rocks” and turns them into soil suitable for plants. The Bitcoin also recycles the waste of leaves and fruit that fall off. This was the role of Bitcoin in the bubble of 2017 of raising new coins. It created a foundation for financing new applications.

Vaccination: From the cancer of growing debt, and expanding bureaucracy.

The Blockchain network is the cells network of the Mega-organism

The Blockchain code is the DNA of the Mega-organism

Bitcoin is the fungus or fruit that distributes seeds (altcoins)

The process of forking is the differentiation that is characteristic of the development of any organism. The forking event is the mutation

The Bitcoin network has a 4-year cycle due to its DNA, its users, its first Bitcoin (or fungus), and its decentralization based on the fact that the DNA is on every computer of a network user.

The relationship between HODL and UTXO reveals the basis of the 4 seasons of the Bitcoin behavior: a spring of bloom and distribution, in 2017 and 2021. A summer of dehydration, 2014, 2018. Autumn Of 2015,2019. Winter of rain, 2016, 2020. Winter is characterized by maximum rain (blue and dark blue), and summer is characterized by maximum temperatures (orange and dark orange). In my research, I combine sociopysics with sociobotany

It has the potential for a positive feedback loop; as users increase, the value goes up, which could attract more users to take advantage of the increasing value.” — Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi had encoded in Bitcoin DNA a mechanism to incentivize the participants, through the shared belief in Bitcoin manifested via HODLing.

What makes Bitcoin important is that it represents a new mutation in self-organizing collective intelligence

1: Bitcoin as Distributed Network Architecture (Mycelium)

2: Bitcoin as a Social Phenomenon (Mushroom)

3: Bitcoin as a catalyst for human evolution. Blockchain as DNA

4 Preparation of the ground: Cypher-punk

5 Plant preparation season

6 The planting season

7 Gardening

8 The Basic Book on the Foundation of Fungus

9 Botany

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