Bitcoin: The Medium Is The Money

A McLuhanian theory of Energy and Bitcoin.

1, If the wheel is an amplifier of our legs, and the computer is an amplifier of our brain, what the Bitcoin amplify?

The Bitcoin amplify the TRUST. “Don’t trust! Verify. Thus, we have more trust”. Popper: “Don’t truth, falsify. Thus, we have more truth”.

2, The Fiat is the fat that kill us: The bear doesn’t see the knife that’s hidden in the fat: The content is the layer of fat in which the Eskimo bear hunter wraps the knife, which the bear does not see.

The people don’t see the knife that’s hidden in the FIAT. The consumerism is the layer of the Fat-Fiat in which the monopolies wrap the dangerous knife that we don’t see.

3, After Satoshi-Prometheus stole the fire-Bitcoin, from the Gods-banks-governments, and distributed the bitcoin-fire to the people, the gods-governments-banks try to Extinguish the campfire. Who will guard the global tribal bonfire? 5,000 bitcoin miners add wood to the fire, 50,000 nodes ignite the fire, the stock exchanges transmit fire from the fire to the fire, and 110,000,000 people-wallets protect the fire from the gods-banks and governments.

4, Every plank thrown into the fire is a transformation of a million-year-old energy battery. The mycelium-bitcoin fungus not only crumbled the rocks (monopolies), and prepared the infrastructure for its flora and fauna. Rather it was the battery that stored energy underground for the next millions of years. Fuel and gas are the remnants of the global underground network of mycelium roots.



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Asher Idan

Asher Idan


Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,