BitcoinCracy replace Democracy: PanArchism and Sovereignism

Bitcoincracy is better than Democracy, because it is based on Panarchism. Anarchism is a form of order without a central governance, like Monarchism is a form of order with one governor. Panarchism, like Bitcoinism, is a form of order in which the power/capital/knowledge is decentralised everywhere.

PanArchism is a similar concept to Spinoza’s PanTheism (GOD is everywhere and everything. God is the whole universe, and vice versa). Spinoza was the philosopher of the the nation that invented the capitalism: Nederland. And capitalism has deep roots in the Protestant ethic (Max Weber) in

Sovereignism and Panarchism are complimentary terms, like particle and wave in quantum physics. Psychological Bitcoinism is Sovereignism, while sociological Sovereignism is Panarchism.

Soon we will be in a new situation: 1 billion Bitcoinzens (Bitcoin citizens), against 7 billion Fiatzens (Fiat citizens).

“The Welfare nation-state is a WarFare state” Saif Edean Ammous. The Network-State Bitconia is perpetual peace,

McLuhan says: “Technology is an amplifier of ourselves”. I say “Bitcoin is an amplifier of the collective computing power of the free market. But free market can exist only in the Global Network-State BITCONIA.

In the age of 200 Nation-States, free market never exist, because in external oppression (colonialism, imperialism), and internal oppression (racism), free market can’t exist.

Pink Floyd “another Brick in the wall (of Gold). We don’t need no regulatin, we don’t need money control”.

Entrepreneurs are the transistors of the MarketPuter. Bureaucrats are the bugs. Bitcoin is debugging the world,

“A human mind can process ~120 bits/second. The Fed’s ~20K employees can process ~18.0T bits/year. The World’s ~7.5B people can process ~6.8Q bits/year. The free market is 3,800,000% more intelligent than The Fed.” Robert Breedlove.

The Fifth Force, the force of network, is my book in Hebrew, that I am translating now to English and Chinese. The Fifth Force of Network, is the force behind all kinds of networks: neural network, swarms, social networks, Bitcoin, fungi, etc’. The other 4 forces were discovered every 100 years: the first force (gravity) was discovered in the 18 century, the second force (electro-magnetism). 1st. Force, the gravity in 18 century, 2st. Force electricity in 19 century. 3 and 4th. Force (nuclear) in the 20th century. The 5th force of networks in 21t century.

Toffler in “The Third Wave” predicted the new realities in the Network-State BITCONIA:

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