The Melting Pot of 200 Nation-States

Asher Idan Ph.D

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for”

John Lennon Imagine

We are just in the beginning of a new Mega-State: Bitconia , with 8 billion citizen, that will replace the 200 nation states of today. 200 redundant states that spend trillions of dollars on the “mining” of their 200 fiat currencies, in the bureaucratic mechanisms of their central banks, in 200 parliaments, governments, supreme courts, armies devouring energy in aircraft carriers, tanks, and so on.

In Bitconia, the new Mega-State, there will be 20,000,000 Bitcoin (1,000,000 were lost) for 8 Billion citizens. 1 Bitcoin for 400 citizens. Or 250,000 Satoshiz for each citizen.

Different technologies constitute different political and economic Units: The stronger the technology, the bigger the political and economic units.

1. “Writing 1.0” technologies and transportation technologies constitute the “River Civilizations” of Egypt, Babylon, China and India.

2. “Writing 2.0” technologies constitute the “Sea Civilization” 0f the Greeks and of the Romans.

3. Printing technologies and Steam engines of manufacturing and transportation constitute the “Ocean Civilization” of Spain, Britain and USA.

4. The Internet technologies constitute the McLuhan’s “Global Village” of FAMGA Giants like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

5. But the Bitcoin will be greater even more than all the FAMGA together!

The Bitcoin is not just “The End of History” of Hegel and Fukuoyama. It is the end of many other components of the civilizations of the last 6,000 years:

1. The end of GO(L)D

2. The end of (Fiat) Science

3. The end of Keynesianism, Friedmanism, Marxism, and the Austrian School

The end of commodities and Exchange Value and Back to Use Value.

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,