From iPhone to iDrone: Chapter 1

Why I felt like I am in The Garage of Steve Jobes in the year 1978

Asher Idan, Ph.D

Introduction: How to build an ecosystem of 1 trillion dollar on iDrone

Camikaze is a new kind of video production enabled by a new kind of hardware (iDrone) as the first layer, and by a new kind of distribution enabled by five decentralized layers:

1, Hardware — iDrone

2, Software — Drones Operating System, DROS

3, Software — Drone Appstore, DRAPP

4, Network — A Decentralized Social Network

5, Trust — Decentralized Value, Blockchain

Dinosaurs don’t see Black Swans, because Black swans cannot be seen in the darkness

History shows that FAMG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google) will not see the Black Swan of the BlockChain, because Black swans cannot be seen in the darkness. IBM the dinosaur of hardware didn’t see the software revolution of Microsoft. Microsoft didn’t see the network revolution of Google. Google didn’t see the social network revolution of Facebook. Now, Facebook didn’t see the Blockchain revolution of XXXX,

Thus, we need a new strategy for Blockchain, for investors and managers. An important article on the Internet strategy for the investor, manager and entrepreneur, from the year 2000 in the era, is the basis for formulating the principles of the Blockchain Strategy for 2019. The article argues: 1, the Internet makes strategic planning more important than in the past. Does the Blockchain make strategic planning even more important? 2, tools measuring the success of the past no longer work (do not measure a butterfly according to the measurement devices of the larva).

3, the Internet reduces costs significantly. Does the Blockchain reduce costs even more than the Internet? 4, if the answer is yes, within a decade we’ll see start-ups reaching a market value of $ 2 trillion.

Blockchain is the fifth stage in the evolution of the “fifth force-the network force”: The first phase of my communication with digital evolution was in 1972 with the mainframe-saur (the dinosaur, the central computer) of IBM in a basement at Tel Aviv University. The mainframe was devoured by yellow perforated cards and the output of huge, half-meter-long paper. Step 2, and then in 1978 appeared the Apple-sapiens followed by PC-Sapiens. Small, quick and smart computers that killed the mainframe. Microsoft has realized that operating system software is more important than hardware. The network appeared in step 3. In step 4, the networked operating system called “social network” that jumped Apple (iTunes, AppStore), Amazon (cloud services, Echo), Google (search) and Microsoft (LinkedIn, Office on the Net) to a value of about $ 1 trillion. 5, The blockchain, that blocks the giants of the past, and creates the new Blockchain giants of $ 2 trillion.

A case study: The road to 1 trillion $. A brief history of Amazon, from books to clouds

From a bookstore, to a cloud shop. Realizing the vision of Alvin Toffler since 1980. The network leverages information about buyers, the machine is leveraging materials and energy. So, the network will take over the machine, just as the brain controls the body. Will Amazon be Blockchaind ?

Amazon 1.0

Amazon 2.0

Amazon 3.0

Next week, in chapter 2, we will present the common methodology of Apple and Amazon, for building an ecosystem of 1 Trillion dollar on a hardware platform, and how we are going to develop such an ecosystem on our iDrone.

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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