From the Best Airforce in the World, Emerge the best Drone

From iPhone to iDrone, Chapter 3

Asher Idan Ph,D

Top pilots in Israel cooperate with the best technologist and entrepreneurs of the startup nation, in order to create an innovative combination of the technology of drones with AI and decentralized social network in the blockchain.

The Founders

Based in Israel, our founders and our team are leveraging its combined decades of military knowledge and experience with the spirit of the Startup Nation, to create unparalleled autonomous drones that were previously inaccessible to the average drone user.

The Team

Camikaze manufactures battle-tested, state-of-the-art drone technology and aerialphotography systems for businesses and consumers. Capable of flying at speeds of up to 300 km/h and able to withstand the harshest conditions mother nature can storm up, Camikaze drones can record footage once thought unimaginable to athletes, daredevils, and enterprises alike.

By leveraging blockchain technology to breathe life into an autonomous and decentralized drone and content community, we’re revolutionizing the way in which drones store and process user information, providing users with complete control over their own data.

The Evolution of Camikaze as a universal Ecosystem for all kinds of drones

In its first stage, CamiKaze will grow out from the physical drone itself, which token holders can purchase in exchange for a fixed amount of tokens. Not only does this enable token holders to participate in the next generation of extreme sports, it ends up providing a guaranteed physical asset that holders can purchase

The second stage of CamiKaze builds a social platform around the physical CamiKaze drone. Distributed groups of extreme sports athletes are turned into a fullyconnected community, through which content can be distributed and shared. Token holders gain a decentralized identity through this structure, as well as ownership of their content. It’s a platform that encourages value and recognition for all stunts.

The third stage of CamiKaze builds on what has been achieved in the previous stages, fostering awareness while using decentralized technology to develop the drone and the community platform into an open, universal operating system for all kinds of drones. Smart contract logic will then be added into the governance, curation and presales for drones.

A new body: New Eyes, New Hands and Legs

In Camikaze we believe that if the Smartphone is an extension of our brain, then the Drone is an extension of our body. It brings us a new eye to see the world in a different way, and it give us a new hands and leg, that can bring for us what we bought from the supermarket.

In Chapter 4, we will show the synergy between Drones, AI, and Blockchain. This synergy will lead to singularity that accelerate the adaption of drones in everyday life for hundreds of millions of people. The blockchain adds a layer of trust and collaboration that does not require a centralist factor that will take a commission on its defense (states and banks) or behave like a cat that keeps the cream (Facebook and Google)

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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