The Decentralization of our Body by Drones

From Social Networks of Content, to Social Network of Physical things

1, The Coming Age of the Decentralized Civilization

The drones create both a new decentralized reality, and a new decentralized organization and conception of that reality. Bitcoin is a decentralized network organism, just like the mushroom network and like ants or bees colony (center) or fish school (left). It bursts once every few years from the underground, to the surface of the earth, able to break even asphalt. Then, it spreads a fungus (mechanism of offerings) and distributes sperm (crypto coins), and returns again underground, for another 2–3 years in HODL .

2, The decentralized Eye

The old Instagram will be replaced by the Dronestagram (the Instagram of the drones). Then will come also the Dronebook instead of Facebook, Dronezon instead of Amazon, etc. Below are 4 pictures that can be photographed only by the decentralized eyes created by the drones.

Or as we find in Reuters’ report: “Camikaze, the First Drone to Capture Death-Defying Moments in All Its Glory. Until recently, extreme sports enthusiasts were limited to videotaping their experiences from their POV. Camikaze’s new technology captures their death-defying experiences in ful 360 degrees.”

2.1 A drone for every accountant

Once they thought that “a smartphone for every worker” was science fiction. Employees of accounting firms and professional services, such as PWC, EY and Deloitte, will not be able to work without drones,

2.2 The Amphibious drone

3, the decentralized hands and legs

For thousands of years, the dog was the man’s most loyal friend, and his best companion. Today the robotic drone replaces the dog, as the car replaced the horse, and the smartphone replaced the book.

Because of the drones, our body became decentralized like the “body” of the swarm of ants and bees, or like the networks of mushrooms and Bitcoin. But drone not only decentralized our existing body, but also extend it in the McLuhanian meaning. It adds wings to our body. This will be the center of our next paper next week.

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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