The Department of Bitcoin Science

The Birth of a new Science: BITCOINOLOGY

Asher Idan Ph.D

50 years ago, When I learned Fortran programing in the year 1970, there was no “Department of Computer Science” in universities. Computer courses were part of the Department of Mathematics.

What we will learn in the Department of Bitcoin Science (DOBS) in the year 2029 (when one Bitcoin will be worth 10 million $) ?


1. Networkology or Network Science,

2. Mycology and the Botany of Bitcoin,




3. Game theory and Bitcoin Politics

4. Thermodynamics

5. Bitcoinometric,

6. Finance 3.0 ,

7. Economy 4.1 ,

The biggest changes in physics come from unchangeable constants like the G (Gravitation) of Newton, and the C of Einstein. The biggest change in the history comes from the constant B (Bitcoin) of Satoshi (21 million coins).

Satoshi Revolution, is greater than the Copernican Revolution, that discovered that it is not the sun that orbits the earth, but the earth orbits the sun (centre of the world). Satoshi discovered that the stars of Fiat (dollar, Euro, etc.), orbit around the Bitcoin (the centre),

@100trillionUSD is similar to what Kepler did for Copernicus (Satoshi): The Fiat (the Earth) is circling the Bitcoin (the Sun). The BitcoinCenteric Revolution (the HelioCentric Revolution),

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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