The Fifth Force, The Force of Networks

Asher Idan Ph.D

In our book, we discovered that behind the immense success of Apple, Amazon, etc., exist a new hidden force, with small number of basic laws. We want to show you these basic laws, because to play in a new game, you have to understand its basic laws.

The fifth force is the power that flow in all network: social networks, neural networks, swarms, etc. Like the water in a river, it sometimes must overcome obstacles, by destroying the obstacles or by bypassing them. Like the water in the river it sometime creates floods and waterfall and destroy old kingdoms, like what social networks did to the Arab dictators in the Arab Spring, or like what the Bitcoin and Blockchain are going to do to the old finance empires of banks, or like what Amazon is doing to the old empires of retail and malls, or like what the artificial neural networks is going to creates not only a Driver-less civilization, but a Human-less civilization.

The fifth force has always flowed through history, but now it was amplified by the Hyper-linked world of the Internet. At the same time, the Fifth Force also become more visible and measurable by the analytic and monitoring technologies of the internet which serve as a kind of microscope and telescope. Google and Facebook for example, are the telescope and microscope of networked economy and politics.

In understanding the “Fifth Force, the force of networks”, we are now in a primitive stage of understanding, like the pre-Newtonian stage in understanding the “first force, the force of gravity”, and like the pre Faraday stage in understanding the “second force, the force of electricity”.

But before Faraday, in the ancient times, people knew about electricity through their experience with magnets and static electricity. Faraday and Maxwell and others turn that ancient everyday experience into a powerful technology and economy.

This is the Hebrew version of my book. Now I am translating it to English and Chinese

Table of content


Part A The Three Floods of the Network Economy: 30 Trillions Dollar

1, The Networks of Money and Trust: 6 Trillions Dollar

2, The Networks of Content and Influence: 3 Trillions Dollar

3, The Networks of Energy (Tesla), Manufacturing (3D printing), Transportation (Uber), Real Estate (Airbnb, WeWork), and Sensors: 21 Trillions Dollar

Part B The Basic Laws of the Network Economy

4, The three Basic Rules of the Network Economy: The Fall of Prices, the Rise of Trust, and the Exponential Leveraging

5, The Macro of the Network Economy

6, The Micro of the Network Economy

Part C

7, The Networks of Robots. From a driver-less car, to a human-less Civilization. Why Social Networks are Networks of Neural Networks.

8, The Network Time: Why the Crypto Currencies are so Volatile

9, Applied Blockchainology: Blockchain in nonfinancial use cases. Blockchain and AI, Blockchain and retail, Blockchain and the public sector, Blockchain and medicine, Blockchain and Education

10, Sources

1, Introduction: What should be your investment and management strategies in the meteoric rise of the crypto-Currency networks, and other kinds of networks?

1.1, Save Between 5% to 10% Percent from your Expences. Here are 7 data, 4 purple and 3 blue. In light of the amazing benefits of purple, the third blue benefit can be derived: the blockchain produce $ 3 trillion in economic value. This is exactly 10% of the size of the network economy, which is $ 30 trillion (3 trillion content like Facebook, 6 trillion finance, 3 trillion transportation, 4 trillion electricity, 2 trillion real estate such as the Airbnb and WeWork, 6 trillion robots and MLearning, 6 trillion 3D manufacturing.

The universal law of the 10%-5% savings is not only at the level of the firm, but also the level of global trade between countries: the blockchain will cause an increase of about $ 1 trillion in global trade, a 1.5% rise in global GDP, and Will eliminate 44% of the waste of approximately 200 sheets of certificates and agreements on each international transaction. ,

1.2, Take advantage from the gap between the Bitcoin price and the hash-rate. In 2019, the price of Bitcoin will be determined by the gap between the real economic activity (the rate of mining, hash-rate) and the price of Bitcoin, which is affected by short-term manipulations. In 2016, when the price of the Bitcoin fall to $ 200, the Bitcoin jumped by 10,000%, from $ 200 to $ 20,000 (the price graph in red, the Hash-Rate in blue) in just 2 years 2016–2017,

1.3, According to Bank of America, Bitcoin transfers are 300 times cheaper than the Fiat transfers, which the banks earn 83 percent on an average deal that costs $ 29.75 , while central bank transfers ost only $ 0.75 . Morgan Stanley concludes that the banks are facing a major disruption. //

Lecturer and Consultant in top Universities in Israel, China, USA,

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